Following are a mix of Testimonials from Children, Parents, and from the Administration Staff that hired Team Makers.

Sara Sideman, Teen Services Director

I had FANTASTIC feedback from my staff and the kids. We will definitely be finding a way to bring you guys back in the fall. The kids had fun, the counselors learned a lot, and it was the perfect opportunity for them to watch and learn more about the campers.

Tara DuHaime, Director, Kidoodle Learning Center

Kidoodle Learning Center had Team Makers come for a one month program with our school age children. Each week, the kids couldn’t wait for Miss Nicole to come and do the activities with them. It was a pleasure to watch our students work cooperatively, learn the importance of their part of the team, and have a great time doing it! We definitely recommend Team Makers to other school age programs, and look forward to having the program come back for our students in the future

Razel Solow, Education Coordinator, Hoboken Historical Museum

You described everything so clearly when we met in person to discuss Family Fun Day. You assessed our needs for the event perfectly. Many children and parents told me how much they loved the activities, which were team-building and engaging. I appreciate that you promoted the feelings of community with many people who did not know each other.

Renee Colavita, mother of Aria

Your Facilitator was great! She worked really well with the kids, was organized, explained everything in an age appropriate way and kept the kids enthusiastic throughout the party. I will tell you that Aria had a great time and so did the rest of the kids! Most importantly, the kids had fun!Thanks!

Jake, Age 6


Sharon, Mother of Jake

As a parent, it was a great experience –keeping kids active while learning about team spirit and cooperation – just the type of activity that I seek for my active six year old after school.

Jen, Age 9

Can we do this again next week?

Cub Scout Parent

This was amazing. Can you come back every month to work with our kids?

Samira, Age 14

OMG, I did not think I would like this that much when it started, but I so got into the games that I forgot about not wanting to play and had a really good time

Evan, 6 years old

This was my best birthday EVER!
Evan on his 6th birthday where we partnered Team Makers with World of Wings in Teaneck for an incredible party

Tina, mother of Alec, Age 5

It’s all my son talks about all week. Team Makers, Team Makers. He can’t wait until Friday’s every week

Julissa Nunez, mother of JJ

You save the day, even in the rain, your team adapted and kept the party going. JJ and his friends, and even the parents had a great time.

Iris Fallon, Co-Director, Camp Northvale

Our staff had an opportunity to grow and learn while having fun. The natural leaders became a clear beacon for the rest of the staff to key on and every staff member became a better leader because of the experience.

Nicola, mother of daughter, Age 7

My daughter’s birthday party was truly wonderful. Everything went smoothly. Other parents asked me about the entertainment and I was glad to promote Team Makers to them.

BohYeon Han, mother of Ethan aged 7

The party was great. The children enjoyed the games. Your staff did a great job keeping everyone engaged. Thank you.

Althea Hennedidge, mother of Olivia

Olivia and her friends had a great time. Your staff made it really fun and a memorable party.

Swayam, father of Asher

I am so impressed with how easy it was to work with you. We booked Team Makers only 2 days before our party (due to a cancelation). Not only were you able to find team members to work the party, but your entertainers were so much better than what we were planning. You even got many of the parents involved who also had a great time. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Carol Poltorak, staff member of a training

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed participating in your program. The activities were fun, interactive and a great way to meet new members of our staff. The challenges were creative and provided us a lot of opportunity to problem-solve and cooperate with people we were just meeting for the first time. I absolutely recommend Team Makers and hope to have the chance to participate in your program again soon.

Nicola, mother of 7 year old daughter

My daughter’s birthday party was truly wonderful. Everything went smoothly. Other parents asked me about Team Makers and I was glad to recommend you to a number of them.

Sharon, host of a generational event that hired Team Makers

2 months later and we are still talking about your event with us. Everyone agrees it was our best event ever! Your staff was incredible mixing ages from 2 years to 72 years and they all had a blast.

Natalie, mother of Richie

This is going to sound like such a cliché but Richie said it was his best birthday party that we ever threw for him. I definitely will recommend you to my friends.

Aly, program director of a special needs day camp

Just wanted to say thank you for coming to our camp last Friday.  Your program was terrific and you and your facilitators were really great with the kids.  All of our campers were engaged and had a really great time. Thank you so much!