In-Class Workshops

Team Makers workshops are designed for the pre-school or elementary school teacher, school administrator, social worker or guidance counselor to teach valuable life skills to students ages 4-16.

Team Makers sessions are full of fun, cooperative and interactive games designed to teach children the value of working together, respecting one another, and thinking out of the box to solve problems and finish our games.

Each session can be tailored to the time alloted and Team Makers of North Jersey will make sure to send a professionally trained facilitator with all equipment needed. The school provides nothing except the students.

Team Makers oversees students playing our meticulously designed games, reinforce positive attitudes, address mistakes, and help children to learn valuable skills they can use in every facet of their young lives.

Workshops Available


Togetherness Works

Let’s get together! Teams get comfortable working closely together to collect fish like a flamingo, and to solve a balance beam challenge.

Encouragement Works

You can do it! Crossing a river together to reveal a hidden number sequence gets teammates to support and encourage each other.

Cooperation Works

Peaceful play time! Cooperation is the key when teams work to collect tubes and build the tallest tower.

Communication Works

Look and listen! Players practice their communication skills as they transport Slinkys® and puzzle pieces from one place to another.

Trust Works

You can count on me! Players build trust as they transport jewels from the start to the finish line, and run through moving pool noodles.

Full of Character

Respect Rules!

You get what you give! Teams must respect each other’s ideas when deciding how to cross a large void and while creating a group drawing.

Dependable Me

Rely on me! Filling a boat which is full of holes requires that teammates act responsibly. Players are in charge of their own actions during a name game.

Truth Be Told

Honesty is the best policy! Teams act truthfully when the game rules call for them to build a structure in silence. Players build a puzzle without removing the puzzle pieces from their hands and feet.

Fair Share

It’s your turn! When the music stops, players who end up with the hot potato must sit out the next round, fair and square. Teammates also take turns sharing strategies for getting a bull’s-eye.

Cooperative Character

Let’s work together! Teams learn that cooperation is the key when it comes to a tarp-flip activity. Players find out that a bean bag stacking activity is best done in pairs.