Our Spirit Challenge is the perfect way to kick off a new program or new season by motivating the children to work together playing fun games over the course of about an hour. The activities focus on 3 main objectives: Respect, Team Spirit, and Cooperation/Team Work. The children (and staff) are divided into teams using our unique techniques to break up cliques requiring the children to work together outside their pure comfort zone, but in a fun way.

We typically play 4-5 games with the children (or adults) and afterwards de-brief for a few moments discussing: what happened and why, what did they learn, how could they have played the games to a more successful conclusion, and most importantly, how can they use what they learned during this event within their daily lives. The teams get very engaged during this time and the responses show surprising maturity even with young children.

All participants are active and moving (in a controlled area) the entire time. The games are engaging fun to play- but they all have a purpose and the de-brief time brings that messaging out.

We can facilitate the Spirit Challenge with as few as 20 children and as many as 100. With groups larger than that, we just do 2 or more Spirit Challenges so everyone can enjoy the games while learning about themselves and each other.

Having fun while learning important messaging that can be carried over into the ensuing days is a great way to unify the children and get them thinking about how important positive behaviors and a strong spirit of communication will enhance their relationship with their peers.

The above is our preferred method of getting everyone involved, however, we can also do larger group assemblies where we take smaller groups and have them perform the challenges in front of their schoolmates to show off what we do.