Team Makers after school programs are designed to teach children to think out of the box, solve problems, gain new perspectives, while playing games with other children. Our fun, interesting and active games have children working together to solve problems and finish games while working cooperatively, learning respect for one another, and gaining leadership skills.

Our after school programs are one hour per week for as many weeks as your school requires. Each one hour session has a different theme to keep children engaged and not doing the same activities week in and week out.

All games and activities are created by professional educational curriculum writers and follow best practice progressions. Each session meets many of NJ’s educational (CORE) and PE standards including NJ’s standards for Anti-Bullying. Children who participate in Team Makers events have shown marked improvement in behaviors toward other children and an increased appreciation for their own abilities and those of their peers.

Our sessions are run by positive and professionally trained facilitators who will lead groups through explanation of Team Makers games. After each game, our facilitator will recap the game that was played to see how each child can improve leadership, cooperation, respect, communication and critical thinking so the next game will be even more fun.

Team Makers ASP’s help children learn to think!

We are currently leading programs in over 20 schools and recreation departments and over 31,500 children have enjoyed participating in our events to date. Let us be part of your next season. 

Great Treasure Hunt

Children perform hi-energy, interactive games solving challenges while having a ton of fun. Each activity requires the children to work together, exhibit and learn leadership skills and will challenge their imagination. All games are giant-sized with every child participating, moving, and working together. On the last week, all children receive a family-sized game to take home. While the children are constantly active, having fun solving the challenges, they will be learning how to think critically, lead activities, and problem-solve, which will help them in their daily lives at home and in school.

Kidstruction Zone

Ground Up

Stay grounded! Teams use tubes to build a house from the ground up. They are guests in the house for a party and then clean-up after the party by bringing down the house.

Mission: Demolition

Are you up for the challenge? Teams use cardboard bricks to build (tons of) tall towers. The mission then becomes demolition with a team Wrecking Ball.

Building Big

You must think big to build big! Teams use grid blocks to build a barrier, put together a pathway and make a moving monument.


Time to build some super structures! Teams use jumbo blocks to build several sturdy structures. They try out the structures to make sure they will stand the test of time.

Backyard Builders

Building begins in the backyard! Teams snap blocks together to make multi-colored “swimming pools”. The pools are filled with “water” from a Team Transporter device.

Bulldozer Brigade

Get bulldozed into action! Teams use buckets to make a multi-level tower, create a moving pyramid and construct a wall that keeps them out of sight.

Fix-It Pros

The tour bus has rolled into town! Teams build hot spots for the sightseers to see. Foam tiles are used to build a perfect pyramid and a tremendous tower.

Under Construction

This site is under construction! Teams create a catwalk across a high-rise under construction, break for lunch in the sky and complete a color-coded, drilling project.

eXtreme Sports

Children will participate in a new sport each week playing a series of fun games and challenges based on that sport. Sports include Football, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Baseball and more! Children will learn how to play well together, how to respect themselves and their teammates, and will learn about good sportsmanship.

Using the “whole child” methodology, each game will require both physical skill and will challenge the children to use their problem solving abilities to uncover the best way to play the games. Prizes will be handed out based on the children showing Good Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Great Plays, Active Participation, Playing Well.

Fun with Math and Science thru Game Play

Each week the children will learn about Math and Science they use every day and then do FUN activities that build their skills in these areas – all while working together. Some weeks are cooking/blending weeks where we will make food and drinks learning how to measure and mix ingredients. Other weeks we will play sports games and learn how statistics and dimensions change the games and have the children play them in different ways to understand how changes in these areas affect game play. In even other weeks, we will build structures and use our Math and Science skills to properly erect them and then play games with them. All materials will be provided by Team Makers.

Children will learn Math and Science while also developing their reasoning and critical thinking skills- all while having FUN each week.

Adventure Quest

Each week children go on a quest to play a series of fun and exciting games that require them to use their imagination and thinking skills. They will learn to blend both their cooperation and leadership abilities in order to finish the game. Some of the games include giant mazes with each child taking turns leading the ball thru the labyrinth, others require the group to build large structures using giant legos or foam blocks and then performing activities that include their use. In yet another game, the children will construct a large integrated walkway and then navigate it as a group without touching each other. It is fun yet challenging to do.

While they think they are just having fun, the reality is that they are developing leadership and socialization skills that will last a lifetime.

Leadership Games & Challenges

Develop your team and leadership skills while having a blast working through a series of games and activities each week. You and your teammates will play large format, 3-dimensional games where you have to use your critical thinking skills to solve the challenge. Each week as you face new challenges you will build on your leadership skills, learn new techniques to solve games, gain new respect for the other children, and display confidence in your abilities to work with others all while having fun. All games are active and require full team participation.

Minecraft-Style Games

Using different materials each week, children will build castles, forts, structures and then defend them against the other team. They will be encouraged to use their imagination and thinking skills. They will learn to blend both their cooperation and leadership abilities in order to finish the engaging activities. Some of the games include giant buckets where the child taking turns building various structures to protect themselves against the “invaders”, others require the group to build large structures using giant legos or foam blocks and then moving them to other areas. In yet another game, the children will construct a large integrated walkway and then navigate it as a group without touching each other to get to “the other world” and defend it. It is stimulating and active, yet challenging to do. While the children believe they are just having fun, the reality is that they are developing teamwork and problem solving skills that will last a lifetime.

"Pokemon Go"- Style Games

Each week the children play a series of team work challenges that, upon completion, allow them to collect colored beads that have mystical powers. Each game requires the children to work together (like in a Pokemon gym) to win the activity first and collect different colored and different designed beads that give the team extra “powers” to succeed in the next challenge.

Need for Speed Action Games

Children play a series of active games that require team work, agility, coordination, and skill. Using scooters, cones, obstacles, baskets and much more, each week the children play new games that challenge both their minds and their bodies to figure out the best way to complete the activity. Each week the children will work on their leadership, problem-solving and physical skills.

Studies have shown that this type of activity enhances children’s brain function and increases their test scores.