Programs & Services

All Team Makers experiences are designed to be active, hands-on, fun and meaningful.

After-School Programs

Team Makers’ after-school programs encourage the development of team spirit, respect for others and problem-solving skills in a fun, fast-paced, active environment.

Each weekly session requires children to work together through a series of high-energy, themed games designed to teach valuable interpersonal skills. Groups are creatively organized into teams that participate in challenges which encourage children to show respect, work cooperatively and demonstrate tremendous team spirit.

Our after-school programs are hassle free and provide great value to kids, parents, schools and communities.

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In-Class Workshops

Team Makers’ unique approach to in-class workshops motivates students to take charge of their own learning. Each workshop focuses on the development of a core value and character trait through active, cooperative games. Guided discussions encourage children to consider the factors that led to each activity’s successful completion. These facilitated reflections lead participants to make conscious associations between their behavior towards each other and their ability to achieve their common goals.

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Carnivals & Special Events

Team Makers’ Carnivals have children exploring up to 20 action-packed activity stations with a mission to fulfill their team’s objectives and complete their passports. Each station offers unique games that challenge groups to think, move and work together in order to achieve their goals.

Team Makers can customize content to suit your school or group’s needs. Whether for an assembly, corporate event or community gathering, either indoors or outdoors, Team Makers ensures that any sized group experiences the excitement that comes from team building!

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Birthday Parties

You provide the location, (or come to us at our partner sites) we bring the entertainment!

Team Makers offers a fun, unique and hassle free approach to birthday party entertainment. Our dynamic facilitators will lead your guests through a variety of exciting activities that require teams to work together to achieve their ultimate goal – having fun!

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Special Events